State: Tamilnadu
Vanvasi Seva kendram

About us

Vanavasi Seva Kendram TamilNadu affiliated to Akhil Bharatiya Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, has been active among our vanavasi brethren in TamilNadu from 1980, looking after their needs primarily in the fields of Education and Health.
Vanavasi Seva Kendram TamilNadu was started in Karumandurai, a place of Tribal need, in Kalrayan Hills in Salem (Dt), in the form of a small students hostel for Tribal students. Now the unique work and service projects have spread over TamilNadu covering 7 lakhs vanavasi people belonging to 35 groups in different Hills.

There are about 12 crore Vanavasi people living in remote forest areas of our country deprived of their basic facilities, of which around 9 lakhs live in Tamilnadu.

  • Saraswathi Vidya Mandir – Karumandurai
  • Saraswathy Vidya Mandir – Navampattu
  • Saraswathy Vidy Mandir – Vellimalai

Projects at A Glance

  • HOSTELS : 2
  • STUDENTS : 47
  • Benficiaries :
  • MEDICAL : 137
  • Benificiries : 2167
  • Economic Development : 101
  • Benificiries : 2149

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About Janjatis of the State

  • टोडा
  • कडार
  • इकला
  • कोटा
  • अडयान
  • अरनदान
  • कुट्टनायक
  • कोराग

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State Governing Body

President : Shri. V. A. Subramaniyam
Vice President : Smt. K. Vasamally
Vice President : Shri. M. Shanmugham
Secretary : Shri. N. Muruganathan
Org. Secretary : Shri. K. Sudharsan

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More Information

There are 36 sects of government notified tribes living in 76 blocks of 22 districts in Tamilnadu. Some of the sects are Toda, Kota, Irula, Malayali, Paliyar, Vedar, Konda Reddy who form a large number among them. In order to uplift the living standards of our Tribal Brothern, to preserve their rich Cultural Identity and make them at par with the rest of the society, our Organisation, a Registered Trust in the above name was started and we are at the service of the Tribals since 1980. At present our work is in the fields of Education, Health, Preserving their cultural identity, Women Empowerment through religious and economic activities, identifying the potentially suitable candidates in the field of Sports etc.

Web Site

Facebook vanavasisevakendram

Contact Details

Vanavasi Sewa Kendram
42, Maharani Avenue, 4 th Phase
Near Kannimar Kovil, Vadavalli
Coimbatore – 641041 Tamil Nadu
Mo. No. 09489361765

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