Self Reliant, Educated , Empowered Janjatis.


  • To eliminate the chasm between mainstream Indian community and their tribal brethren through social assimilation.
  • To educate tribals through formal & non-formal education system including residential education.
  • To provide health facilities to tribals especially in remote areas where formal health care facilities are not available.
  • To provide facilities to enable excellence of tribals in sprots especially their traditional sports.
  • To uplift tribals economically through skill enhancement in their traditional livelihood as well as in new and alternate livelihood areas.
  • To empower tribals through awareness generation about their constitutional rights, Govt Welfare Schemes available for them, their organization.
  • To empower tribal women.
  • To strengthen the faith, culture, traditions and rituals of tribals.
  • To do Research & Development and Policy Planning on various subjects related with the welfare and empowerment of tribals.