All India President’s Message

Jagdeo Ram Oram

Akhil Bhartiya Vanvavsi Kalyan Ashram is a registered social organization working in Janjati areas of Bharat for the welfare of our vanvasi brethren. Working in all States of Bharat (except Jammu & Kashmir), all round development of Janjati Society is our mission.

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram has reached to more than 90% of Janjati districts of Bharat. It is working for the welfare of Janjatis through 20970 projects at 14337 places in the domains like Education, Health, Agricultural and Economical Development etc. We are also working in the field of environment protection, human resource development, women empowerment and sports. We are also engaged in activities like cultural awareness and protection of Janjatis’ rights.

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram (VKA) was founded on 26th December 1952 at Jashpurnagar by Vanayogi Balasaheb Deshpande, a renowned social worker for all round development of Janjati (Tribal) communities of our country. Janjati Communities are the integral part of Bharat historically, socially, emotionally and culturally. Due to their geographical isolation they were/are lagging behind from rest of the society. Kalyan Ashram is working in many sphere of Janjatis’ life for their development.

Education:- Organization is running one teacher schools, pre-primary schools, Balwadis, Primary and Middle Schools at the doorstep of needy people.

Health Care:- Kalyan Ashram provides health facilities through its hospitals, dispensaries, village health workers and medical camps.

Village Development:- We want to develop the natural resources of the village. Water conservation is the major requisite of development. We have constructed many check dams and dug ponds in many villages, which is the joint venture of villagers and town communities. Imparting vocational and agricultural training is also part of this activity. Self Help Groups (SHGs) activity proved to be an effective tool for self reliance and women empowerment.

Sports:- Sports is also a major activity for youths. Organization is imparting sports training through sports centres. Kalyan Ashram is the only social organization which conducts block, district, state and national level sports competitions every four years and Archery competition every year for Janjati youths.

Hita-Raksha:-  Protection of Janjatis’ rights is a growing need. We have formed village committees and they are being sensitized, made aware, educated and skilled to fight for their constitutional and social rights.

Village Committees:- Through village committees we encourage villagers to preserve, protect and propagate cultural and social values. Under the tree plantation program initiative, villagers planted more than 18 lakh plants within last two years. Women issues are addressed through village women committees. Youth awareness camps are conducted by these committees.

Nagareeya Karya:- Kalyan Ashram has committees in several cities, towns, metros and cosmopolitans. These committees organize Vana Yatra to understand the life style , culture and problems of Janjati people. They invite villagers for Nagar Yatra in reciprocation. This experiment gives an opportunity to know each other and strengthen the social bond.

Relief Activities:- Relief acivities in natural and/or human induced calamities (flood and fire etc) and riots are natural manifestation of our thoughts.

At the occasion of the completion of six decades of our activities, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram organized Janjati Sangam on 24th to 26th December 2012 at Ujjain. It was inaugurated with the traditional puja. Valuable discourses by leaders of the organization and Janjati leaders along with group discussion regarding our ideology, approach and working system was quite educative. Cultural program involving Janjatis’ folk songs and dances were the attraction of the celebration. On 25th December morning 50 janjati communities simultaneously demonstrated their traditional system of worship and prayer of deities. On the same evening 1000 families of Ujjain participated in mega dinner program called “Matru Haste Bhojan” where each family brought their food preparation and interacted with janjatis’ delegates and had dinner together. This program was the expression of National Integration. This Janjati Sangam has created great impact on the participants and observers. All the delegates returned with great hope, enthusiasm and determination.

Workers are the backbone of any organization. At present, more than 12000 Full time workers and thousands of other workers are working with dedication and devotion in spite of adverse conditions. We dream of Bharat as an exemplary nation in all aspects of national life.

I personally salute to all the workers, donors, contributors and well wishers who are continuously working and contributing for the welfare of the janjatis.

I shall also request to you all who are yet to join this great national building movement to come forward and extend your talent, skills, time and resources for the welfare of Janjati Bharat.

Jagdeo Ram Oram