Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram is the biggest Non-Governmental Organisation of the world working in many domains for the upliftment of tribals. We work in following domains to serve tribals of India:


  • Education (शिक्षा )
  • Hostels (छात्रावास)
  • Health Care (स्वास्थ्य)
  • Activities Among Women (महिला कार्य)
  • Sports (खेलकूद)
  • Cultural Activities(श्रद्धा जागरण)
  • Protection of Janjatis’ Rights (हित रक्षा )
  • Village Development (ग्राम विकास)
  • Urban Activities(नगरीय कार्य)
  • Inter-Organisation Communication (संपर्क)
  • Logistics Department (व्यवस्था विभाग)
  • Publicity & Publication (प्रचार- प्रसार, प्रकाशन)

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